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Lab Sample Hood

All production tanks, storage tanks, blend tanks and our bulk loading system have direct lines to a sampling hood within our lab complex. This prevents any contamination from occurring and allows for accurate assay blending, monograph testing and CoA conformance testing before the products are packaged.

Detrex Chemicals - Sampling Illustration

4. Bulk Tank Truck Loading:  

A pure Teflon sample line from our bulk loading apparatus to the sample hood allows samples to be pulled directly from the inside of the bulk trailer without contaminating the sample.  The bulk trailer sample is then reported on the customer Certificate of Analysis.

1. Daily production tank:

Hydrochloric acid samples are taken 2 times per shift (via pure Teflon line) and documented for process and quality control. 

​2. Main Tank Farm:  

Full strength 23° Baume high-purity hydrochloric acid storage tanks with pure Teflon lines into sample hood for product certification before sending to bulk loading, blend tanks or packaging.

3. Blend Tank Farm:

Multi-compendial and dilution blending tanks with pure Teflon lines to our sample hood for blend testing and final lot qualification..

5. Packaging:  

Samples are pulled directly from the inside of the first and last package of a customer order (lot) unless additional sampling is requested.  Special sampling apparatus is attached to all packaging lines in order to pull sample volumes from the inside of a package without contaminating the sample.  The package samples are reported on the customer Certificate of Analysis.

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