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Chemical Accident Prevention Program (40 CFR PART 68)

  1. If there is an emergency, please contact Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) of Ashtabula County at (440) 576-0055.

  2. Call 911.

  3. Detrex is a non-responding facility. We have hired professionals for emergency response.

  4. Our five year accident history is zero accidents.

  5. For purposes of the chemical accident prevention program under 40 CFR Part 68, regulated substances held in Detrex processes are chlorine and hydrochloric acid.

  6. Safety data sheets (SDS) for chlorine and hydrochloric acid, and additional information regarding Detrex’s five year accident history emergency response program, including the name and phone number of local emergency response organizations with which Detrex last coordinated emergency response efforts may be provided upon request submitted to:


1100 State Road

Ashtabula, OH 44004

Safety Data Sheets

• Chlorine Liquefied Gas

• Hydrochloric Acid (5% - 38%)

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