Detrex Chemicals is the only North American manufacturer of high purity hydrochloric acid with our own dedicated fleet of six high purity fiberglass and Kynar lined hydrochloric acid trailers.  

  • Our trailers are never opened to atmospheric conditions due to the potential of contamination.  

  • To minimize contamination, we load, unload and test our hydrochloric acid through the 4-bolt flange, 2” line fitting at the rear of the trailer.  

  • Each trailer uses filtered air to pressurize and offload the hydrochloric acid.

  • Our dedicated fleet is transported and maintained by LT Harnett trucking in Ashtabula, OH.  Detrex and Harnett have a long, successful partnership moving high purity hydrochloric acid from our facility in Ashtabula, OH to customers across North America.

  • Detrex and Harnett are partners dedicated to the purity of our hydrochloric acid moving from our plant to your storage tank. 

We guarantee our purity delivered into your tank. 

Detrex Chemicals - Hydrochloric Acid, Fleet Truck

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