Detrex Chemicals manufactures 23° Baume (37.5% concentration) hydrochloric acid directly from our main absorbers into many different storage and batch tanks.

Dilution lots are isolated into batch tanks.  High purity DI water is added to the lot based on the dilution required.  The lot is recirculated and tested until the lot meets the customer’s desired dilution and approved for packaging.

A sample is taken directly from the inside of the first and last package and the lot certificate of analysis is generated from the package samples.

Samples from all HCL tanks are directed into the lab sample hood through high purity Teflon tubing which prevents contamination.

Let our experts handle your hydrochloric acid dilution requirements.

Detrex Standard Dilutions

• 23° Baume (37.5% concentration)

• 22° Baume (35.21% concentration)

• 20° Baume (31.45% concentration)

• 36% concentration

• 30% concentration

Detrex Custom Dilutions

• 0.5N

• 0.7N

• 1.0N

• 6N

• Any Custom Dilution

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