Detrex is the sole producer of food grade hydrochloric acid manufactured by the ultra-high purity direct synthesis method in North America. Our Ashtabula, OH hydrochloric acid facility is an FDA registered and FDA inspected food processing facility and, each batch and lot of our food grade HCl is produced in full compliance with FDA cGMP regulations.

We manufacture our HCL products by the direct synthesis method.  In this process pure Chlorine is combined with pure Hydrogen and then mixed with ultra-high purity water, resulting in an HCl product free from virtually all common trace impurities found in HCl products manufactured using other methods.  Each batch and lot of our HCl product is tested in-house to verify its compliance with the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) analytical monograph, and our internal analytical results are validated by routine testing performed by 3rd party laboratories.  In addition to using sophisticated analytical equipment to assure the quality and purity of our HCl products, Detrex has also implemented a comprehensive quality management and food safety program that meets all FDA HARPC requirements for food production facilities. Our Ashtabula, OH site is FDA registered and inspected as a food facility. This proactive management approach by Detrex, along with our commitment to the highest quality and analytical standards, ensures our products are suitable for use in food manufacturing as ingredients or processing aids.




Detrex 20° Baume FCC Grade Hydrochloric Acid

Detrex 22° Baume FCC Grade Hydrochloric Acid

Detrex 23° Baume Hydrochloric Acid

Detrex 6N (20% Concentration) Hydrochloric Acid

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