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Detrex Chemicals is the only FDA registered, and inspected, high purity Hydrochloric Acid manufactured by direct synthesis under CGMP. . . ON EARTH.

Ultra-Pure Hydrochloric Acid for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Semiconductor, Lab grade, Reagent grade and Industrial applications.

  • FDA registered and inspected drug manufacturing facility. 

  • NF/EP/BP/JP/IP/ChP pharmaceutical specifications.

  • Elemental Impurity pharmaceutical grades.


  • FDA registered and inspected food processing facility.

  • Food Safety Program meets FSMA standard.

  • FCC Low Trace Element grades.


  • Experienced producer of high purity Semiconductor grade hydrochloric acid.

  • 1-100ppb Semiconductor grades.

  • Particle Analysis.



  • The highest quality ACS Reagent grade hydrochloric acid in North America.

  • Low Trace Element ACS Reagent grades.

  • Custom dilutions, packaging and bulk.

Detrex Chemical’s Hydrochloric Acid satisfies these specifications: NF Grade Pharmacopeia Hydrochloric Acid, EP Grade Pharmacopeia Hydrochloric Acid, BP Grade Pharmacopeia Hydrochloric Acid, JP Grade Pharmacopeia Hydrochloric Acid, IP Grade Pharmacopeia Hydrochloric Acid, and ChP Grade Pharmacopeia Hydrochloric Acid.