Dtrex Corporation

Detrex Chemicals is the largest American producer of high purity hydrochloric acid, including semiconductor grade, ACS reagent grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade HCl.   Detrex supplies semiconductor manufacturers, fabrication shops and the electronics marketplace with the fab-process HCl needed for etching and cleaning silicon wafers.   Our semiconductor grade, sold under the registered tradename Ultramax, ranges from 100 ppb to less than 5 ppb cation/metal contamination.   Our onsite laboratory facilities assure consistent quality.

Hydrochloric acid is available in bulk deliveries from our dedicated truck fleet, in various drum sizes ranging from 5 to 55 gallons and in 275 gallon IBCs.

To contact our Northeast Ohio manufacturing and lab facility:
Phone: 800-321-0467 or 216-749-2605   Fax: 216-749-7462
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Product Data:

  • Semiconductor HCl Grades (Ultramax)
  • ACS Reagent HCl
  • USP Grade HCl
  • Food Grade (FCC) HCl
  • Customizable and Multicompendia
  • Detrex Corporation, Chemicals Division,Environmental Compliance and Product Stewardship

    Detrex Corp. (parent company)
    The Elco Corporation